Lou asked:

I am stuck home.. so can’t go buy the cleaner. Anyone know any recipes, what to soak it in, etc.? It is real silver an a nice piece of jewelry so nothing to ruin it.


Melissa S asked:

My 7 yr old nephew decides to play with my tiffany’s bracelet in some cleaning products and now the sterling silver has melted off and its now a metal bracelet. I was wondering if there was a place where I could send it so I could have a coat of sterling silver back on the bracelet. Is it possible to get this done and where?

H.A.R. asked:

I’m a newlywed. I’m wearing my great grandma’s white gold and diamond wedding ring. It’s beautiful! I’ve been wearing it for a few months now but I’ve noticed parts of the ring are starting to get dirty. It has this white soap scum looking stuff on it. I do wash my hands a lot so maybe it is soap scum. I don’t know. I tried tarnex because that’s what I use on all of my sterling silver jewelry, but that didn’t work. Is there anything like that for white gold?

You may want to seek out some other sources besides salmon, if you are trying to integrate sufficient amounts of the strong astaxanthin into your system. You must start taking astaxanthin supplements, since it’s nearly an impossible job to do it with just regular food. These nutritional supplements can be found by you in almost every health store and they are frequently sold in pill form. The question here is, how can you make sure you just get the very best astaxanthin pills?

You might have read in regards to the possible health benefits. Even in animals as well as plants, this antioxidant does astonishing things to help them flourish. How can you imagine it’s easy to migrate to far distances? The secret is astaxanthin.

A distinct characteristic of astaxanthin is that it takes longer before it gets depleted when it has transferred its free electrons. Think in regards to an automobile that has an extra large fuel tank to go for many miles – this is what astaxanthin is similar to. Other antioxidants can only take on one free radical at a time.

Yet another matter to be happy about with astaxanthin supplementation is that it’s safe for your wellbeing. In fact, it’s been dubbed as the safest antioxidant from nature. In a recent study, there have already been reports that high dosages may cause your skin to truly have a tan-colored glow, as a result of that exceptional look it provides, but this can instead be a positive for some people.

Think and make sure that you’re buying from a reputable manufacturer, if you believe you have already found the best astaxanthin pills. Select only brands which were doing business for quite a while already. It is not unusual for many businesses to produce moneymaking schemes since this addition is very popular. So when what the companies are saying is too wonderful to be true, it probably is. Make sure you also try to find reviews about the product before purchasing it.

Make certain that you’ve got your doctor’s approval, before you purchase what you believe is the best astaxanthin pills. A safe antioxidant might cause problems when you have certain medical conditions while it’s it. Also, be mindful of the firms selling the product – make sure that theyhave passed high production standards. You may do so by calling their customer hotline or checking their website.

In case you truly want to find the most effective astaxanthin pills, another important factor to take into account is the innocence of its own formula. A reputable producer will use nothing but the highest standards in picking, purifying, encapsulating, and preserving the potency of the nutritional supplement. As a consumer, you wish to be advised as to the quality of the merchandise you are purchasing. Most supplements obtainable in the marketplace today contain at least 4 mg of astaxanthin and this can be exactly what you should look for as the minimum.

To be sure that you just get nothing but the best astaxanthin pills, it’s paramount that it has been extracted utilizing a toxin-free process. This is relevant because it will help ensure that the body is able to absorb the astaxanthin content of the supplement efficiently. You might need a higher or lower dosage of this antioxidant depending on your lifestyle. Of course you can always start in modest amounts like 2mg to get a couple of weeks and after that slowly add up to 4mg.

There’s been so much buzz concerning the fat-busting properties of garcinia-cambogia extract that many of people have now been storming the web to get their hands on one. But what’s the real secret behind its powers? Concord the pros, the hydroxycitric acid in malabar tamarind is the fundamental material that produces it the potent fat-buster it’s been tagged to be.

Goraka extract is an all-natural diet supplement that has got the capability to suppress appetite, block the generation of fat, and boost overall well-being in a variety of ways. With the help of hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia, all of this is made possible in a fashion that is safe and powerful. When joined with proper diet and workout, this supplement can provide the results much faster.

Based On scientific researchers, hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is found in a vast range of plants and also the most powerful numbers is found in garcinia cambogia. If you try to detect several diet and fat burners the material referred to as HCA may be uncovered on the ingredients list.

With the assistance of hydroxycitric acid in gamboge tree, you ought to manage to foster your metabolic rate and burn up extra fat within your body. The neat thing about HCA is that it is completely natural and organic. This is a safe and normal method of getting rid of your abdomen fat, tone your legs and arms, and get that perfect waistline you’ve always wanted.

Since malabar tamarind extract works to curb your desire, you will not have trouble resisting the desire to really go snacking at different times in your day. It functions on the endocrine of the human body and helps it tell your mind that you do not want any and that you’re already complete more It might decrease stress levels in your body which is proven to be another culprit for promoting binge eating.

While malabar tamarind is well received by people desiring to lose excess weight, there are also those who are counselled to avoid taking it for possible side-effects. Pregnant women are advised to not take this nutritional supplement mostly due to the lack of studies which shows it is safe for them. Precisely the same can be said for breast-feeding women and people afflicted with alzheimers or dementia.

The hydroxycitric acid in malabar tamarind is said to be secure if used the recommended dosage. It is generally taken three times a day before meals, but pros say that no more than 3000mg needs to be taken at any given day. But if are unsure whether taking this nutritional supplement is in fact safe for your quality of life, it is usually best to consult your physician first.

It’s important that you just check how much hydroxycitric acid in malabar tamarind a nutritional supplement features before purchasing anything. It is perfect the nutritional supplement features a hca message of at least 50%. Be sure to prevent the ones that include ingredients like caffeine, niacin, along with man-made ingredients, binders, or fillers.

lil balerina asked:

I would like to know if its safe to clean my sterling silver and cz ring in the connoisseurs silver jewelry cleaner with out damaging the stones. I haven’t been able to find much info on the web about cleaning them together but have found info on cleaning just silver or cz separately but not together.

margerie103186 asked:

I wear several pieces of sterling silver jewelry daily, and have been for years now. I never take off my 2rings or the 2 pairs of earrings in my ears, and wear a necklace and bracelet during the day.

Recently (in the past 2 weeks) my earrings have turned completely black, tarnished. I’ve had to clean them, only to find them tarnished again within a day. I havent really changed my daily routine and I know the water hasn’t changed, what could be causing this?

RubiaBonita asked:

I have a lot of Tiffany’s jewelry that is so dark now!! Any good inexpensive cleaner out there I can buy from a target, walmart, etc?